Re: [CR]Dating a Raleigh RRA

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Subject: Re: [CR]Dating a Raleigh RRA
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 19:02:39 +0000

Hi Peter, as far as the RRA selling as a frameset only is concerned, I'm going by what the ME told me, i.e., that they were sold as a frameset during the 50's. Come to think of it, I'd heard prerviously (but I don't know where) that they were ONLY available as a frameset by 1954.

Good point about the Purchase Tax, but I wonder whether the RRA being old-fashioned also had something to do with its demise, e.g., still using a head clip type headset, and being built for single speed or Sturmey when derailleurs were really becoming fashionable.

The complete machine was certainly very expensive at £45 in 1952, which I guess was 10 times a good weekly wage. (More, er, mature British cyclists than I may correct me on this).

Neil Foddering Weymouth, Dorset, England

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>Subject: Re: [CR]Dating a Raleigh RRA
>Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 13:54:53 -0400
>Interesting post, Neil. I never knew the RRA was sold as a frameset. And
>never seen it in a catalogue as one. Then again, maybe the "FS" stands for
>well, "frameset" but that seems way too obvious for Raleigh's deliciously
>arcane serial numbering systems. One of the complaints with the RRA I
>thought was that it was sold as a complete machine and was extremely
>expensive as such especially given the breathtakingly high VAT on complete
>machines vs. frames and components. So maybe this is why they gave up
>towards the end and offered framesets. Raleigh seldom did this, I think the
>only other one was the Raleigh Record Tour of Britain frameset c. 1962.
>Anyway all of this has me keen to take my '48 RRA out tomorrow for a good,
>hard ride. "Ride Awheel on Sheffield Steel", them's my politics...
>Peter Kohler
>Washington DC USA