Re: [CR] Stuck bottom bracket cup... Help

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 19:06:57 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Stuck bottom bracket cup... Help

Hi Julius, VAR tools once made a remover tool for this purpose, but I don't know about Park tools. The VAR #30 is designed for this application. You will need to be sure the correct removable "jaw" is available for your bike. If it is a Raleigh proprietary cup you will need the #30-R. I am attaching a scan from an old VAR catalogue which will best show how the relatively simple tool works. In any case this tool is quite expensive and rarely found in even the better equipped bike shops in my part of the world. So long as there are two opposing flats on the cup, a vise is the easiest solution and I've never personally failed to remove even the thinnest old French fixed cups in this way, no matter how stuck. Your quickest remedy may be to locate the nearest machine shop or automotive service shop and bring the frame over with all else removed. Even maintenance rooms in the larger urban office or residential buildings should have a basic metal working vise with simple flat jaws. I should think that a maintenance worker or mechanic would be easily coaxed into doing the work for you taking a matter of seconds... if you were to flash a pound note. Just be certain to first visualize the correct direction you will need to turn the cup with the frame inverted atop the vise, and then turn the frame in the proper (opposite) direction to unscrew the cup.

Good Luck! Bob Hanson, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Julius Naim wrote:

Can anyone help. I have a bottom bracket cup I need to remove that's stuck and I can't get it to unscrew. It's the type often found on Raleigh bikes with what I think is called a wrench flat (a strip across the middle), it's too flat to get enough grip with an adjustable wrench and I don't have a workbench that I could use a vise to try and get more grip with.

Can anyone tell me what park tool would fit. if they do one that is? Or is there an easier way to tackle it?

Thanks for any help.

Julius Naim London UK

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