Re: [CR]Carlton track frame ID required

Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 12:23:32 +1200
Subject: Re: [CR]Carlton track frame ID required
From: Wayne Davidson <>
To: CR List <>
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Hi all, Hilary Stone has told me it looks like a Carlton Flyer from '63, what good year.......regards wayne davidson invers NZ.......

on 27/7/07 2:57 PM, Wayne Davidson at wrote:
> Hi All, I have a track frame that I have been informed could be a 50's /
> 60's Carlton, I have the following numbers from the BB and rear dropout.
> BB shell underside driveside 223 on the non driveside looks like L1.
> On the rear dropout is L2843, if anyone can tell me more about it that would
> be great.
> I've got it as a 2nd track bike, since its a bigger frame & longer
> wheelbase should be a nicer ride, I have what appears to be the original
> forks as well, has been repainted & has no headbadge, just the holes. I'm
> sure its English thread going by what the guy that built it up told me, have
> not measured the seatpost yet. I have some pics if anyone is interested in
> looking of the lugs.....regards wayne davidson Invers NZ........