RE: [CR]1975 roadbike 531 frame and chrome nervex lugs

From: Arno Volkers <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]1975 roadbike 531 frame and chrome nervex lugs
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 10:27:16 +0000

I found some interesting information about the age and history of nervex lu gs, (you probably know this site)The first Nervex Pro lugs were produced with a vary fine pair of \u2018horns\u2019 at the centre-front of the two head lugs. Later on the lugs were changed slightly and the \u2018horns\u2019 (left) were replaced by a \u2018fishtail\u2019 (right). This newer design was certainly in use by 1955 although the earlier style was still used by some frame makers for some time after, presumably because lugs were often bought in boxes of 50 or more, and these would take time to be used up.

Nervex developed and produced their range of lugs in the post- WWII years, late 40s, but the first time they were imported to the UK seems to be around 1950.i found the information on (www.classiclight lugs on the headtube look almost the same
   as on the green Bates, but it's more cutted out and the lugs or not that t hick as on mybike, also the lower straightning ring is different.Thanx for al the replies, i nice to know that the frame is from an earlier period the n 1975, the searching continues!!greetsarno volkersEindhovenlaan 35224 VG D en Bosch> From:> To:> Subje ct: Re: [CR]1975 roadbike 531 frame and chrome nervex lugs> Date: Fri, 27 J ul 2007 23:45:21 -0800> > It looks like the small ring might be intended fo r the shifter clamp bolt to > pass through, in lieu of the usual brazed-on stop. A nice touch, as it is > totally hidden by the clamp and centers the
   clamp as well, but the owner > chose to mount the clamp a little lower.> I
   don't know who made the frame.> > David Snyder> Auburn, CA usa> > > -----
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   > > Dear bicycle Folks,I tried to identify this frame, but it's hard to >
> compare> > it with other bikes on wooljersey (for example)The original co lour was gre> > en/blau, they painted it red.Does anybody know the brand of
   this frame?...> ...Well, it looks like a very interesting frame, there al so a very strange> > detail by the lower tube, a smallring is welded there,
   just above the shif> > ters, what is it doing there?If anybody has an idea
   what kind of bike this> > could be i would be very happy,thanxArno Volkers Eindhovenlaan 3Den > > _______________________________________________> Cla ssicrendezvous mailing list>> http://www.bik