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Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 21:34:12 -0400
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Garth, it seems more logical to me that the circumference mismatch that you see is based either on a bent cage, or it's intended. If the seat tube is straight and its center is collinear with the BB center, I don't see how seat tube angle can cause what you see. Can you explain further?

Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI USA

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Apparently some front derailleurs were made with a certain seat tube angle in mind. A touring triple front derailleur, I would guess, was designed with a 72 -73 degree seat tube angle in mind, and a racing double was designed with a 74 or even 75 steep angle in mind. When you attach a derailleur and tighten down, you can get the lip of the fd to not match the curvature of the chainwheel. Fortunately I have a braze on attachment so I fashioned a thin copper shim to go between the derailleur and the braze on tab, above the bolt that holds everything in place. When I tightened down on the allen bolt the derailleur changed it's angle and then seemed to match. This seems like a successful mod, (invisable, simple, reversible and cheap). Has anyone done this, or is there a better method I could have employed?

Garth Libre in Miami Fl USA