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Good Morning Phillip: I was Dave's Partner from October 1989-February 1992. I still have four bikes that Dave made for me and my wife from as early as 1983. I will try to answer as many questions as I can, however you should also ask Brian Baylis as he and Dave went way back as well. 1) I know nothing of the bikes he made for TREK so I can't help you there. 2) During my time with Dave we made two lots of frames for John Howard. We terminated the arrangement when KHS took over marketing John Howard's name and persona. They wanted something significantly cheaper than what we could or would produce. The Howards were made much like our own 101's but with some geometry and casting changes. 3) Brian would be better qualified to answer your questions on Dave's work with Masi or other builders prior to our own shop.

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Hello all. I have been digging around for biographical information on David Tesch and the bikes that he built. I am particularly interested in learning whether there is anyway to identify the frames that he built for Trek in the early 1980s (if that's possible). I would also like to know if anybody is aware of when Mr. Tesch took over building frames bearing John Howard's name from David Moulton (I am looking at buying a Moulton-made John Howard frame to add to my collection; I already have a Tesch-made John Howard). Lastly, I think that Tesch did some work for Masi and other builders, and would like to know who else he may have built framesets for before he got out of the bike business. Thanks in advance for any information that you all are able to provide me.

Philip W. Moore, Jr.
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