Re: [CR]British Racing Green? (now bronze green)

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Subject: Re: [CR]British Racing Green? (now bronze green)
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 11:45:44 -0700
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I have had a Super Course and 3 Raleigh Internationals that have needed paint for many years, and I have spent considerable time searching for the correct color (bronze green). I painted the Super Course the Ford Pinto color that was suggested in the past, but it isn't a good match to the small areas of remaining original paint on one of the Internationals. Recently I found the color that I am happy is from a mid-70's Opel! I found it at an auto paint store called Space Age Auto Paint in Mesa, AZ. The code on the can is { Opel 303 }. I painted two of the Internationals, and I think it is as close as I could ever hope for. One is a fixie, one will be built back to original, and I gave the third to a friend. I think there is no better color for a classic bicycle. Well, except for orange.

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Where can I get a spray-can full of British Racing Green paint ?? It seems like such a common paint color, is it available in stores in the U.K. ?? Is this the color that Raleigh used on many of its 60's and 70's bicycle? Thanx,

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