[CR]Introducing VeloBase.com - Vintage Cycling Component Database

From: "Jon Fischer" <cuda2k@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 16:50:12 -0500
Subject: [CR]Introducing VeloBase.com - Vintage Cycling Component Database

Classic Rendezvous List Members,

After a solid month and a half of coding on my new website I feel it is at last worthy of presenting to you all. http://VeloBase.com is a community driven database cataloging vintage cycling components and other information. At current count the database has 199 components in 19 different categories.

I will be the first to admit that my own personal knowledge of vintage parts is somewhat limited. Which is why I have designed the site to be very community centered, allowing members to add and edit the information in the component database. My hope is that over the coming months and years the database will grow many many times its current size and the information in it refined to become a top level resource for the vintage cycling community.

I welcome, and encourage, any CR list member who wishes to help contribute to the VeloBase catalog or other sections of the website to sign up a new member on the site at their convenience. As a security measure, I have implemented a series of Role Levels on the website to prevent spam bots from over taking the listings. I will happily manually upgrade any CR member who replies to me (off list) with their Velobase log-in name so that you can contribute any information they wish to without delay.

Signing up for an account also gives you access to the MyBase page of the website, which displays your Watch List (a list of components you wish to have a quick link to), the 10 most recently added and updated components to keep track of what is being added to the website. As a member you can add comments to a component, vote on the quality and rarity of a component, and view other user's profiles. Registering on VeloBase.com also gives you access to the Catalog Scan listing, the only section of VeloBase.com which I have choose to limit to registered users due to the amount of bandwidth downloading them can consume. I currently have a number of Camapgnolo catalogs, and a few Shimano and SunTour as well which have been donated by members on the site.

In addition to the Component Database, VeloBase.com also has a user created Glossary of Terms, Additional Links and Resources directory, user submitted Articles, and a page with Tools and Charts for reference and calculation. Currently I have built tools for Gear Calculation, Gearing Comparison, and nearly finished with the Fork Geometry Calculator. I also intend to write a web based spoke length calculator.

The About & Help Page has a brief overview and a FAQ of the site if you have any questions. If the question is not answered there, you can reach me at this email address or at JonFischer@VeloBase.com. I am of course also open to constructive criticism of the site design and layout. If you have any suggestions on how to make VeloBase.com a better resource for everyone I will certainly consider it. (And I hope all the hyperlinks in this email work going through the list... we shall see. The address isn't hard to remember though.)

Jon Fischer Dallas, TX


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