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Subject: Re: [CR]On-Topic Time Trial equipment / tricks?
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:23:31 -0700

Randy: You have gotten great and varied suggestions from our list. Thanks, guys. You might consider: If it's TT's only, and won't be hilly, you only need a 3 to 5 sp. cluster. You will only shift occcasionally and maybe not at all. Make your chainring size to match your rear cogs. Any more gears than that is dead weight to lug around. If you're worried about chain derailling in front, then take any front derailleur and perform a samurai tailor act on it and just leave enough to ptu over the front chainwheel, so that when bounces, it will stay "on track". One H20 is all you need,onseat tube is correct. The down tube is pushing through clean air and has some drag. On your seat tube the bottle is in "dirty" air with your legs churning around creating turbulence so it won't be holding you back If I think of anything else, I'll post again.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> While most first Sundays of the month will find me at Chuck's Rose Bowl
> Vin
> tage Ride, this coming Sunday I'll be testing myself in the "Eddy Merckx"
> c
> lass at the 20K Piru Time Trial just north of Los Angeles. The organizers
> created this class for riders who forego aero frames and bars, and who
> have
> at least 32 round spokes per wheel. Judging by the pictures, most in this
> class are riding modern road bikes with brifters, but I have decided to ha
> ve some fun with the concept and do the race on an on-topic bike. Towards
> that end I built up a Columbus SL Guerciotti frame with the following
> TT-or
> iented "enhancements": bar-end shifters: fiamme ergal front rim / mavic
> GE
> L280 rear; Concor Superleggera saddle, 38cm bars, Mafac plastic-bodied
> dril
> lium alloy brake levers with no hoods, no water bottle cage (it's only
> 20K)
> , an Ofmega plastic rear derailleur, an "aero" Optimax seatpost, and a
> 13-1
> 9 freewheel with 49/42 chainrings. The whole rig weighs 19.1
> pounds. My question is, what other on-topic time trial tricks did you use
> or have you seen used? ~Randy Dugan, Van Nuys, CA USA=0A=0A