Re: [CR]TA web site Was:Help identify Water Bottle

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Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 08:24:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: "bruce thomson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]TA web site Was:Help identify Water Bottle
To: Chuck Schmidt <>, Classic Rendezvous <>
In-Reply-To: <>

David: What made you place this under the 'Schwinn' section of searches? It is a very nice example of the old bottles. Did you check if this is a glass lined thermos? I have a few R.E.G. bottles that are actually thermos bottles of the older vintage. It seems some of the older items had it right, just a bit more delicate. Don't drop them or crash and you will be fine. BT

Chuck Schmidt <> wrote: On Jul 31, 2007, at 8:57 PM, thestows wrote:
> I have a "TA" water bottle on e-bay. I know very little about it.
> There
> are no Markings and I was told it was a TA.
> Has anyone seen one like it. E-bay Item number: 180144923860
> ViewItem&item=180144923860&ssPageN
> ame=ADME:B:EF:US:11
> David Stow
> Cornelia GA

David, here's the web site for you...


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