[CR]Pristine Fuji Newest sells for $640 (shipped)

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Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 14:15:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Donald Gillies <gillies@cs.ubc.ca>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Pristine Fuji Newest sells for $640 (shipped)


I'd say that someone got a deal on an early 70's (possibly pre-Super Record) top-of-the-line bicycle in near-perfect condition, with original tires, and although it's a manufactured bike, these seem to be much rarer than Colnagos, MASI's, Raleigh's, etc.

I am confused, however, by some aspects of this bike.

1. It lacks cyclone derailleurs - it has a V-Luxe rear mech, so I presume it's a pre-1975 bike ??

2. It has Sugino Super Mighty Victory cranks (with drillium chainrings and lightened spiders, the spiders in particular taper sharply and are not parallel). I thought that type of Sugino crank was a ~1978-1985 thing as Suntour Superbe used it for a while, was it truly a pre-1975 thing ??

3. It has early Gran Compe brake levers with black-rubber cupped adjusters and flip-to-the-side QRs, that I got on my 1977 SEKAI, so I am again thinking its 1977 or earlier ??

Did a list member pick up this bike ?? I would like to communicate with the buyer, when it arrives, if possible, to compare parts (vs. my 1971 Fuji Finest.)

- Don Gillies
San Diego, CA, USA