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My wife Linda and our 11 year old son Ryan will be joining me for L' Eroica. They wont be riding (at least not this year ). I'm planning on riding my 1956 Cinelli Mod B. I've installed a Campag NR triple and a Record rear der. As far as tires go, I'm experimenting with the 32mm Paselas. They seem to be holding up OK on our Franciscan Chert fire roads, but they dont seem to be particularly lively on asphalt. I'm curious about the Gran Bois tires, but they're pricey though. Might be equivelant to to cost of a good dinner and a bottle of wine in Varenna.

Regards, David Martinez Fremont Ca US of A

Grand Bois is basically same as Pasela with a smooth tread. Probably not as stable on the gravel either. I would stick with the Paselas. I will either ride those or these new wheels I am just building up - Ghisallo wood rims with Tufo D32 cyclo-x tubulars. They look bitchin and will ride nice too. I just wonder about the braking. Will hopefully try them out this weekend. They would look great on the Cinelli too if you want me to build you some!

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