Re: [CR]Zeus seat post too tight - reamer questions

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Subject: Re: [CR]Zeus seat post too tight - reamer questions
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 01:11:29 -0500

Dear Dan, I have encountered this problem and a similar issue with a too-tight stem after rechroming a fork. The solution was to find a small diameter "Flap-wheel" (small flaps of course sandpaper bonded to a mandrel) - a good hardware store should have one, which I chuck into my drill. I have one which is one inch (25.4 mm) in diameter and can be compressed to fit into the seat tube. It takes off much less material than a reamer and is also cheaper. Great for removing those burrs that booger up a stem or seatpost too. Rod Handsfield, Wichita, Kansas

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Subject: [CR]Zeus seat post too tight - reamer questions

>I have a 1970 era Zeus with 531 tubing. The seat post (I can only assume
>original, it is a Zeus post) fits very very tightly. It is a 26.8 seat
>post. I could try a smaller diameter seat post, but would like to try to
>sort things out to use the correct seat post.
> Would a reamer solve the problem? Or is it more likely due to a
> distortion that needs to be sorted out in some other way?
> Does sanding the post ever work? What is the best technique if it does?
> Finally, if reaming does work, that is what I would like to do. Does
> anyone have a 26.8mm reamer for this that they might want to sell, or
> loan/rent (I am in the Seattle area). I have never done this task, but
> would like to learn, rather than bringing it to a shop.
> Thanks
> Dan Kasha
> Seattle, Wa
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