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Excellent report!! Thanks.

Looking forward to the next one.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- Mike Schmidt wrote:

=0D =0D The August Meeting of the BVVW was called to order upon the arrival of our pitcher of cold Budweiser. On a balmy summer evening at John' s Pizza, the following members gathered to talk the old talk, and

share sto ries and experiences with vintage bicycles: =0D =0D * Johnny Coast and a "Precious" friend =0D * Matty Bowne =0D * Bill Vojitec =0D * Mordecai Silver =0D * Taliah Lampert =0D * Mike Schmidt * * =0D Matt Bowne brought photos that were taken during his recent visit to

Mil an, Italy and he spoke of his experience meeting Alberto Masi and

Vanni Pet tanella. Click the link below to see more. Also a special thank s goes out to Greg Hahn who made a phone call to Alberto which allowed for Matt to see things at Masi that few of us get to see. Taliah als o showed some of her sketches of bicycle lugs. With Larz coming up so on, Matt and Mike indicated plans to attend. Joe Bender-Z, Eddie Albe rt, Peter Weigle, and Richard Sachs are also planning on going. Three pies and two pitchers of beer later, some of us adjourned to Rocco's


the street for some nice Italian pastry and coffee. The next meeting

will be on August 24th and this is where I get to turn the gavel over

to Jo hn Pergolizzi because he's going to be in town to tell us about his

trip to Italy. Steve Klein is currently in Ireland for the World Championshi p Bicycle Event for Messengers so hopefully we will have pictures and

a rep ort from that event.

Mike Schmidt

Stirling, NJ


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Here are a couple of links telling a bit of the Vanni Pettenella

story. He

is the gentleman whose shop I visited (and photographed) in Milan

after my

trip to the Vigorelli.\?v=QsK