Re: [CR]I just got my Giro lugged Pista

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Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 16:25:54 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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Subject: Re: [CR]I just got my Giro lugged Pista

Hi Charles,

Congratulations on your new Keirin frame. Yes, they are indeed master-built frames. As an alternative to drilling the front fork on your Keirin bike [and thus gelding it :^)], there are some alternatives. One is to obtain a Keirin brake plate from American Cyclery in San Francisco. These are two plates which attach to the rear seat stays and hold a rear brake in place. Glue heavy neoprene [wetsuit thickness] to the plates to protect the seat stays. These brake plates work fine in conjunction with a fixed gear and they can be removed quickly when you want to go to the velodrome.


Marc St. Martin Livermore, CA [regretting selling my Anchor Keirin bike!]

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>Subject: [CR]I just got my Giro lugged Pista


>KOF from Japan

>Wow I just received by Fed Ex my used Giro Keirin NJS certified frame.

>Wow It even has used a Hatta BB, Swan HS and a Sugino Mighty SP all NJS


>Wow built quality and lug work is fantastic. Why for a frame that is

>going to raced by Pros and perhaps crashed this level of workmanship to

>me makes no sense. But frame is superb.

>If interested in photos. Ask

>My plasn is too build it up with White Industries 2 cog freewheel.To

>allow at less some choice of gearing, Frok can be drilled for brakes.

>Charles Nighbor

>Walnut Creek, CA