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Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 01:19:05 -0700
From: "Sean Flores" <seaneee175@gmail.com>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Classicrendezvous Digest, Vol 56, Issue 42

If it were me I would go for this:


It's only 60 bucks. Ride the frame around a while with that and a front brake, and see how you like it. Then if you still feel strongly about it, then drill the fork.

I can see both sides, you still want to make the bike rideable, but keep it's original integrity in tact. I think calling the bike 'no longer usable' is a bit of an overstatement though.

My only suggestion would be to try the bike with that generic fork first, that way you won't regret it if you ever decide to go brakeless or resell the frame.

Sean Flores San Francisco, CA

on 8/11/07 10:09 PM, classicrendezvous-request@bikelist.org at classicrendezvous-request@bikelist.org wrote:
> IMHO drilling the fork ruins the bike.
> It becomes no longer usable as originally intended.
> Better to drill a replacement fork which likely also has the advantage
> of easier brake reach fit.
> Just my two cents.
> Marcus Coles
> London, Ontario, Canada.