Re:[CR]Keirin Brakes & relevancy to CR/KOF

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Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 13:08:46 -0500 (CDT)
From: <>
Subject: Re:[CR]Keirin Brakes & relevancy to CR/KOF

Andrew, These clamp on Keirin brakes are available if you know who to ask ;^) I have the set as pictured and have just installed them on a pristine Bridgestone "Tailor made" Keirin bike. The kit I got comes with everything needed and was around $200. I also have a sweet 3Rensho Keirin bike that can easily share the setup with minimal fuss. This brake is the only non NJS part on it.

Re: drilling forks I wouldn't (obviously) but Charles can do as he sees fit. I have a few track bikes that were drilled for brakes previous to my ownership and carefully done at that so I can see both sides of the argument. With the extremely close clearances for many stock forks drilling isn't so easy to get right...I have seen some dreadful attempts.

As far as Keirin Racing bikes being germane to the CR/KOF discussion just a look at the frame construction, composition and lugs will give a resounding yes. There is a trend towards plug-in fittings but the older bikes are traditional lugged steel all the way!

My 2 Yen!

Matty-San Belmont Shore, California USA

>From: Andrew Gura <>
>Date: 2007/08/12 Sun AM 01:14:58 CDT
>Subject: [CR]Keirin Brakes
>This is getting off topic probably but neat nonetheless:
>Most of the clamp-on brakes I've seen look like they were made with parts from home depot. However, there is one model of clamp-on front brake that looks to be a much sleeker design.
>Okay, it's still about as sexy as headgear or a neck brace, but if you have to run a brake, I like this better than the others I've seen.
>The issue is that I've never know anyone to be able to purchase one of these. I've tried in English and in Japanese but it never seems to work. Plus it's a bit on the expensive side ($185) but cheaper than a replacement fork.
>(plus you can pop it off if you see cool kids coming and are worried about losing their respect because you want to be able to stop without skidding or thrashing your knees)
>Andrew Gura
>Silver Lake, CA
>(in need of a 54-55cm track frame with a drilled fork for an around town bike)