Re: [CR]Why pay a small fortune for NOS hoods

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Subject: Re: [CR]Why pay a small fortune for NOS hoods
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 16:53:58 -0400


As a relative newbie, I think you can be excused......

However there the written rules - so well and justly imposed and adjudicated by our listmeister and there are also the unwritten "rules" (which can only be inferred from the karma of the list) - and while you did not actually cross the line, you came close to suggestioning that some listmembers were NOT always rational.

You can not do this!

Some of these people have acquired a sort of mental illness called NOS syndrome. Everything must be better than perfect. Bikes are not to be ridden but made perfect to hang on walls to impress visitors and also to win awards at competitive concours bike shows.

This is their schdict (sp?) and the rest of us must just allow this and silently wonder. We others have our own pecularities such as having more bikes than we "need", parts we will likely never use, etc. Others (including spouses) should not criticize. These illnesses are mostly harmless...

Ken Sanford
Kensington, MD

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From: Dennis Smith
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Subject: [CR]Why pay a small fortune for NOS hoods

> Perhaps I don't undersand the vintage thing yet.
> I don't see paying a fortune for NOS hoods when I can't tell the
> difference between a set of originals and the ones Robbire Fellows
> makes. Stop paying the premium price and the the price will come down.
> Besides the ones from Robbie are new and the NOS is old and you have no
> idea how they have been stored.
> Just an observation from a relative newbie.


> Dennis Smith

> Waco, Texas