[CR] KOF Mercian - new frame/bike pics

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Subject: [CR] KOF Mercian - new frame/bike pics
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:20:16 -0400

Hi CR folks,

I recently received a new randoneuring/light touring frame from Mercian, and I put pictures up on my personal webpage -- some of you might have an interest in this KOF builder, so here's a link:


I took some pictures of the frame, the complete bike, and some shots during the assembly process.

The frame was made to mark Mercian's 60th anniversary, and was part of a 60 frame limited edition run made with a unique lug pattern and a sterling silver headbadge. I built it with modern (off-topic) Campy parts -- Centaur and Chorus, with a couple notable exceptions. My intent was to have sort of a modern update on a classic themed bike. I'm waiting for Honjo aluminum fenders to get back in stock at VeloOrange so I can complete it.

take a look if you're so inclined!

Kyle Brooks Akron, OH

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