[CR]Was: renting a tandem in Portland. Now: Burley

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Subject: [CR]Was: renting a tandem in Portland. Now: Burley

Paul suggested:

<< You might try contacting Burley Bicycles. It is likely they have something suitable. >>

Off topic but now part of American bicycle history, Burley ceased manufacturing bicycles this past year or so. They apparently fell on hard times and have now decided to focus on trailers only... ?

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Hi Charles,? ?

You might try contacting Burley Bicycles. It is likely they have something suitable.? ?

Paul? ?

At 5:38 PM -0700 8-18-07, Charles Andrews wrote:?
>Carmen and I are planning to go to Portland Oregon in October for a ride?
>and to visit family, and we were thinking of driving up with our tandem.?
> It's a hellacious drive though, and I'm not sure we want to spend that?
>much time on the road.?
>We would fly, if we could *rent* a tandem on the other end. Does anyone?
>here know of any likely sources I could contact about renting a decent?
>road tandem for the ride??
>Please e-mail me if you have any leads.?

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