Re: [CR]Florence meeting with the Eroici? Gino Bartali museum or the Cinelli family home?

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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 14:03:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: "dave martinez" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Florence meeting with the Eroici? Gino Bartali museum or the Cinelli family home?
To: Matteo Brandi <>
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Hello Matteo,

An Italian strip club sounds fascinating, perhaps on another trip ; )

Just a thought... Is the Gino Bartali museum still in operation? Would it be worth caravaning to from Giaole? Perhaps we could take the back roads through the Tuscan country side.

I've read that the Cinelli family lived near Florence, anyone have any idea where? Who knows we may get lucky and stumble upon the mythical bike that Cino had built for Coppi : ) But then again, theres always the strip club.

Regards, David Martinez Fremont Ca US of A

Matteo Brandi <> wrote: Listees,Eroici,chianti bottles swingers(last one has to be Mike Schmidt)

Notorious list despot(no,Perg,not you) and all out italianophile.Mr Dale Brown,will be in florence for a coupla days(september,around eroica time) Any of the Eroici are goin to be around?(Pergolizzi will come too,otherwi se he will lose his position as BVVW despot)I dunno my work schedule by t hen,but id like to have Dale hangin out with somebody while i am at work, and in case you guys are around i can plan a walkaround,shop visits,resta urants and strip clubs.Please lemme know or talk to dale about that,and t hen get back at me!

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