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Subject: RE: [CR]Was: Alan-carbon. Now: Mossberg
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 12:55:18 -0500

I knew that if I spent enough time thumbing through old issues of Bicycling magazine that I would eventually find some worthy reference material regarding the Mossberg Racelite and other early carbon fiber efforts. As a result, I have now posted to WoolJersey the following articles which may be of interest to those who are still following this somewhat meandering thread:

Mossberg Racelite technical specifications:

Early examples of carbon fiber and such framesets:

With respect to that question from Gary Watts which served as the initial catalyst for this whole Mossberg / early CF frameset offshoot from the original "History of Alan" thread, I found it interesting to note that one of those Bicycling articles states in reference to said frames that "...the long aluminum lug of the French Alan aluminum bicycle has been adaptedÂ…(as) provides the needed strength for bonding, and the aluminum alloy permits enough lug deflection to avoid stress concentration".

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