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Thanks,Peter. This is the bike shown with a mix of parts on the fixedgeargallery.com #1480-81. The 1925 date is plausible, as the Wastyn shop was using the same keyhole lugs,fork crown, and headtube lugs on the pre-Schwinn track bikes.Where both builders buying their lugs from the same supplier.What other early 1930's British and Aussie builders were using the same lugs.? Art Link,San Antonio,TX

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Hello again, Art and CR folk---

I was able to find the photos and text from the '25 Brixton Paramount ebay auction. Here is a link to the auction photos, and, below, the relevant text. Sold for 56 quid! in Jan '05. One could write to the original seller via ebay for more info, since he says he got the item from the son of the maker; he may know some more details.


1925 Brixton Paramount racing cycle Item number: 7124870534

Seller information jules.b ( 44)

Winning bid: GBP 56.00 (Approximately US $107.55)

Ended: Jan-07-05 12:46:14 PST Start time: Dec-31-04 12:46:14 PST History: 2 bids (GBP 45.00 starting bid) Winning bidder: crazynzer ( 4 )

Item location: Wallingford United Kingdom Turning eighty this year is a 1925 brixton paramount racer. Frame approx 20". Has unusual twin downtube design.

Single fixed gear. Steel rims, british hub co hubs (flip flop rear).

BSA headclip (old style integrated headset!)

GB maes bars, GB courer front brake (no brake on rear as it has a fixed wheel)

Some more recent parts are a vintage cinelli saddle and campagnolo micro adjust seat-pin. No pedals are fitted.

Paintwork and chrome are tatty, could do with some revovation to make a most unusual machine. The machine is nonetheless in sound condition.

I purchased the bike from the original owner - the son of the maker, He gave me a supply of the original paramount cycles crest transfers, which I will supply for you to use as a finishing touch after re-enameling. The original colour was probably black.

Questions from other buyers Q: Hi, I have a few questions about the bike, the first one being "why aren't you prepared to post it?"! I live in Dundee and I've posted a few frames...more answered on: Jan-06-05 A: Hi Bruce, I could probably be pursuaded to post the bike. The hubs are runnig well, and in fair cosmetic order. The rims are getting rusty, as are the...more Q: Hi, where abouts is Wallingford ?? many thanks Steve answered on: Jan-03-05 A: near oxford Q: Hi What does the seat tube measure from the centre of the chainwheel to the top of the tube?What length is the crossbar centre to centre and what size...more answered on: Jan-03-05 A: I have re-measured the seat tube. It is 21" centre to top, just under 20.5" c-c. The cross bar is 22.5" c-c ------------------------

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