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Subject: Re: [CR]Fossati titanium chain!
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 20:04:21 -0700
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On Aug 22, 2007, at 7:53 PM, wrote:
> Tonight I had the opportunity to view an old chain that is
> apparently made
> with titanium face plates, (at least, perhaps internal parts as
> well). I was
> allegedly hand made by Fossati, and bears his name stamped into
> each plate. The
> gentleman who showed me the piece said he bought it in France many
> years ago
> (for around $200, or so), where it was hanging on display in a bike
> shop. He
> thought the owner of the shop mentioned that it was made for some
> special use,
> perhaps as a one-off, but he could not recall what. The only info
> I could
> find in the archives is that Steven Maasland has/had a couple of
> Fossati frames,
> as well as Tom Hillman (no sold). My friend mentioned that Fossati
> was a
> very successful grand tour mechanic in his day. I'm sure Steven
> can fill us in
> some about the builder, since he was able to find some info that he
> used in an
> Ebay description but did not include in his CR post on the
> subject. But, does
> anyone have any info on this chain in particular, or any other very
> early TI
> chains? Is it on-topic, as it appears? Perhaps this was used on
> one of
> Eddy's potential Hour bikes! Dream on ... but is was a VERY cool
> chain regardless,
> and weighed in my hand about as much as a Nuovo Record rear
> derailleur ... it
> felt crazy light!
> Ciao,
> Mark Agree
> Southfield MI USA

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