Re: [CR]Caswell Plug'n'plate copy chrome

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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:48:48 -0400
From: "dima" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Caswell Plug'n'plate copy chrome
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Hi Jay,

Thanks A LOT! I did find the link to Steve's bicycle pages, full of spectacular restored bike photos and info. I think I'll post it here so that people looking for the same kind of info will have a better chance of finding those pages: (I only wish the pictures of the bikes on his pages were larger).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007, 8:09:17 PM, Jay Sexton wrote:
> Steve Maas, a listmember, has used this process and posted photos of
> the results. Looked pretty good in my opinion. Do an archive search
> for Steve Maas and you will probably come up with something. Maybe
> even links to the bicycles he has restored.
> Jay Sexton
> Sebastopol, CA

> Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 12:04:05 -0400
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> Subject: [CR]Caswell Plug'n'plate copy chrome ?
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> Hi list,
> Has anyone used Caswell's "plug n'plate copy chrome" kit:
> and if so what were your experiences? how good (from the POV of
> durability and looks) is it for fixing old chrome on relatively small
> parts (like an steel stem or a chainring), and can it be used to newly
> plate small stuff like bolts etc.?
> Thank you.
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Dmitry Yaitskov,
Toronto, Canada.