Re: [CR] WTB/WTT: Internal expander seatpost needed, 27.0mm, ANY brand or style.

(Example: Racing:Wayne Stetina)

From: "David Snyder" <>
To: "Classic Rendezvous" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] WTB/WTT: Internal expander seatpost needed, 27.0mm, ANY brand or style.
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 16:06:14 -0800

> Interesting approach. Coincidentally, I encountered one of these for the
> first time last week. It was a Suntour alloy post in an off-topic, but
> early aluminum Schwinn road bike.
> The curiosity was the way one could tighten the thing. There was a 5mm
> allen fitting on the side, which was actually a Q-R cam. Try duplicating
> Anyway, I had fun figuring out how it worked and, more importantly, how to
> know when cam position and tightness were both in the correct range. I've
> never seen another like it, and at first thought it must be one of those
> seatposts with a built-in pump.
> Anyway, you're right, the concept is valid, even for an alloy post.
> David Snyder
> wondering excitedly if he won those (Microlite!) alloy cogs in
> Auburn, CA

>> Mitchell wrote:
>> If don't need anything too fancy, you can make your own. Saw through a
>> straight seatpost near the bottom, on a diagonal (I've done this with a
>> steel post, but I expect it would also work with an aluminum post) and
>> file the cut edges smooth. Cut a piece of threaded rod to the appropriate
>> length, add a suitable washer with a nut and locknut at the bottom and a
>> pair of nuts jammed together with some Loctite at the top to make a bolt
>> head, and it all works like a quill stem with a wedge.

>> >
>> Mark wrote:
>>>Subject line pretty much says it all: I need an internal expander
>>>seatpost in
>>>either 27 or 27.2mm (the I.D. at the opening of the seat tube falls in
>>>between) for a project bike for my Godson. I can trade ghood schtuff, or
>>>buy it
>>>outright, whatever is preferred. Can anyone please supply me with, or
>>>lead me in
>>>the right direction to buy one? Thanks so much...
>>>Mark Agree