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Subject: RE: [CR]Question about Super Rec Chainrings
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 21:04:43 -0500


I do not know whether I can answer all aspects of your particular question with absolute authority. But I do believe that I can offer some well reasoned deductions, or if you prefer "guestimates", with the understanding that anyone else having more definitive information is more than welcome to jump right on into this discussion.

What I know to be fact is that Campagnolo first introduced the little "roll off" pin to select sizes (...note that this was not true for ALL sizes - 50 through 54 tooth if I remember correctly with those larger TT style big rings still having no "roll off" pin until a much later date) standard Record outer chain rings midway through the calendar year 1973. It is also a relatively well known fact that Campagnolo Super Record componentry in its pre-production form (...having black anodized chain rings and a few other small details that did not make it into final production in any significant numbers) made its public debut at the 1973 Paris and Milan Bike shows held in the waning months of that very year. Not being a self proclaimed Campy Super Record aficionado, based upon these two known data points, I would SURMISE that these chain rings likely did not ever appear without a chain "roll off" pin to the extent that its absence on their counterpart Record chain rings had already come to a conclusion by the time that the Super Record editions became generally available to the public at large.

Please note, the last time that I posted to the CR List any information with respect to the Campagnolo chain ring "roll off" pin timeline, I received at least a couple of "OFF LIST" comments to the effect that "hey, I remember purchasing a brand new ring from my LBS in 1975 or 1976 and it didn't have such a pin". So, this time I am going to publicly offer "right up front" that same caveat I provided in reply to those earlier contrarian observations. And that would be this: held stock at all but the highest volume stores from that era more often than not represented production peculiarities that were not necessarily representative of the very latest offerings from various component manufacturers (...think about it, there are STILL a precious few LBS's that have "in stock" items manufactured clearly within the pre 1984 time frame of this forum and NO ONE here would be so naive as to suggest that their presence at said establishments constitutes prima facia evidence of these being contemporary components).

As for your assembling a 1977 edition bike having vintage appropriate Campy Super Record equippe - your outer chain ring should DEFINATELY have a "roll off" pin present.

Robert "Don't Try To Pin This One On Me" Broderick ...the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota Sioux Falls, USA


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>Subject: [CR]Question about Super Rec Chainrings

>Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 14:39:31 -0700 (PDT)


>The oldest 144 BCD Record rings have no pin to keep the chain from falling

>behind the arm. I had thought this pin, was added before SR was

>introduced, but looking at Calatlogs 17 and 17A, I see SR rings without the

>pin. Were they really made this way, or did SR rings actually have the pin

>from day one? I have an old "Patent" logo SR outer, and it has a pin.

>This does not preclude the possibility that earlier pataent logo SR rings

>had no pin. So, do any of you have a pin-less SR outer ring? Just



> To be more specific, if I'm assembling a 1977 SR group, pin or no pin?


> Tom Dalton

> Bethlehem PA USA




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