[CR]For Sale: 1976 Colnago Super - 57 cm ctc mostly complete

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From: "Cliff Lee" <epiphyte@mail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:12:03 -0500
Subject: [CR]For Sale: 1976 Colnago Super - 57 cm ctc mostly complete

For Sale: 1976 Colnago Super - 57 cm ctc mostly complete $1100 shipped to Canada or CONUS; For overseas, send me your mailing address. $600 for frameset and 'nago branded Ofmega headset.

I've shipped bikes 5-6 times before and do a finicky excellent job.

Pics available (these are a little out of date. The bike has been cleaned up, and the parts listed below have been added. My camera and computer haven't been agreeing with each other, but I'll try to get better pics ASAP) http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d28/drong/?action=view&current=colnag oside.jpg http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d28/drong/?action=view&current=colnag oseatlug.jpg http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d28/drong/?action=view&current=colnag ohedtube.jpg http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d28/drong/?action=view&current=colnag ochainstay.jpg

Frame: Green Colnago Super, 1976, or so say the experts at bikeforums

-top tube: 57cm center to center seat tube 58cm centre to top

-Chrome fork with black club and COLNAGO on the crown, black club on the inner fork tang

-Chromed Campy dropouts and fork tips, Columbus tubing, probably SL, but the sticker is missing

-Yellow clover cutout on downtube head lug, Clover cutout in the BB shell

-Chrome right chainstay with Colnago Super decal

-Scalloped top eyes (seatstay tops) with yellow Colnago engraving

-Takes recessed brakes

-R27 stamped on right dropout; what that means, I have no idea

-Metallic green paint is in good shape, but with scrapes and chips; the worst of these are a coupla 2-3 inch scrapes on the left chainstay, a long shallow scrape on the downtube; NO BUBBLING

-Decals are nice and tough, NOT flaky or delicate; Yellow Colnago on dt and st, black/white club w. world champ striped on the head tube, "Record Ora Mexico 1972 on seat tube

-Absolutely no dents - I went over every inch of this frame, and it's solid

-a bit of rust on the fork crown and on fork underside, and surface rust in some of the paint scrapes, but no rust in the tubes or bb shell; Chrome is shiny and tough with little flaking and hardly any pitting. whew!

Parts: -Cinelli Milano 1A stem 11cm good shape except for a scrape up top, Cinelli "Crest" Campione del Mondo bars 42cm, almost pristine

-Nuovo record brake levers with some scrapes but totally solid, no hoods

-Record block letter single pivot brakes with pads

-Colnago branded headset probably made by Ofmega

-Campy world logo front derailleur, nice and shiny no rust

-Campy Nuovo Record Patent 83 rear derailleur, bling bling, with non-orig sealed pulleys

-Patent Campy downtube shifters

-170mm Campy Record Strada crankset a little worn but pretty nice, 52-42 rings in decent shape, datestamp <4>, Campy record Italian BB

Wheels: 36 hole low flange Campy record tubulars with similar looking hard anodized grey rims, a Nisi Countach in back, an Ambrosio Montreal in front;

The bike DOES NOT HAVE: pedals, seatpost (27.0, I think), brake hoods, cables, tires; I'll ship with defunct tubulars to protect the rims.

Bike will be shipped in a proper bike box, using foam tubes to protect the frame, spacer between fork tips, caps on rear wheel skewer, stem and bars removed and taped to top tube etc, etc i.e. properly and professionally.

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