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Somewhat against my better judgment I am going to weigh in on this thread because I think a little common sense will go a long way towards addressing this and similar issues. I have never met Robbie or Chuck and have no axe to grind with either of them. There may be some previous history or exchanges between them which has led to the outpouring of responses so far but if so I am not aware of it. I have enjoyed posts through the list from both of them and purchased items from both of them which I have been very pleased with. I consider them both great resources. Most recently I purchased several sets of the replica Campy hoods from Robbie and they are indeed outstanding.

The point I am trying to make here is this list is best served if all the participants despite the opinions and controversy which occasionally are bound to arise with any subject that inspires passion and dialogue, just use a little common sense and attempt to police themselves in the spirit that the list owner requests rather than all too often getting off on tangents and/or relying on Dale to constantly police content. It really should not be that hard to observe a few simple rules, stay on topic and not digress (too much anyway!). I'm sure Dale would rather concentrate on his business and be able to enjoy the relevant submissions on the list rather than have to step in and all too often mediate controversy.

The current controversy seems to me to be pretty straightforward. I would like to think that the majority of the list participants appreciate the opportunity to purchase items from Robbie, Chuck and many others. Especially the small runs of unobtanium-like parts such as these hoods or the custom retro stems Keith Hellon occasionally makes. Certainly it is to our benefit to be made aware that these items and opportunities exist and as I understand the list rules it is fine to out these items to the list just as items up for sale on Ebay are brought to our attention. What does not make sense is to use the list as a vehicle for purchaser follow up. Yes I'm sure it is easier for Robbie to follow up in this manner rather then keep track of the purchasers and make contact separately but it is not hard to set up a separate folder to do this. It does not make sense to subject all members of the list to this, especially when many of us are already contending with hundreds of emails a day and would prefer to focus on content specific info. Yes, what Robbie is doing is very valuable to many of us and he should be encouraged, commended and supported by us. Of course an exception could be make except but then what about all the other folks on the list who provide special services or parts. If it is fair for one it should be fair for all except that than the issues of unending emails spirals further out of control.

So all said and done I have to side with Chuck on this one. He may not have been diplomatic in the way he conveyed this but it seems to be a valid point. I'm sure some of you will disagree but so be it...

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Another reason (not that I need any with 58 pairs of my replica Raleigh roadster grips moldering in my closet here) not to get into the "replica" business and help, well you thought you were, fellow collectors.

Last time I looked CR List had one moderator. Everyone else is a guest and no one else more important than the other. If you think something is inappropriate, contact Dale and let him decide. Otherwise hit the delete key, shut the heck up or, better still, go out and ride your bike. Preferably one with Campy hoods that need replacing.

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA