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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 14:18:51 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Painting and spray guns


I'm considering a Sata also.

As far as cleaning the gun between colors, my sequence takes about a min ute. If I'm going between a metallic, pearl, or candy toner to clear, I will go through the sequence twice. Two minutes for cleaning seems to be fine.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Does anyone want to attend a funeral when Rosie can no longer suck paint
   from a cup?

-- "Gary Watts" wrote:

Brian Baylis said:

"Most pro painters use at least two or three different spray guns to hos e down the bikes. Generally one for primer, one for color coats, one for clearcoats. I rea lly don't know why (OK, yes I do, but I don't see why it is neccessary). I use the same spray gun for everything! I've been using the same single

spray gun since 1982 for every single coat on every single bike I've pai nted since that time. I even brew my morning coffee in the paintcup. ;-) As f ar as I know, I don't have a reputation for doing crappy paint jobs. I've n ever had a single problem with doing this and I wonder why so many painters h ave so many guns. I'm comfortable with my OLD Binks #26 gun. I can shoot a h ole in a silver dollar before it hits the ground withit. Anyway, just wanted to say that, because I'm apparently some sort of freak."

It's certainly a luxury and potential time saver to have multiple guns. I own just one as well, a Sharpe detail gun (or Jam gun). You can certain ly get by with one but you need to be more diligent with cleaning before co lor, and especially clear. The time it takes to sand out "leftovers" in a cl ear coat can let the gun pay for itself in very little time. This is for th e production environment however, not the hobbyist.

I've looked into a newer gun, with my preference for gravity feed HVLP's

from Sata.

Gary Watts
Vancouver, Washington