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I hate to be a pooper but as much paranoia that you can muster might be wise in shipping stuff. The Pinarello I recently offered for sale to the CR list was shipped to it's purchaser, oh so carefully packed using two boxes (wheels in one, frame in other) double boxed, heavily padded with foam tubes and careful arrangement, yada yada, only to have FedEx apparently run it over and cave in the top tube. I just gave the sad intended owner his refund and now face the fight with FedEx. Ugh.

Soooo, pack the crap out of your valuable old bikes and even use a hard case if possible...

That sure is a beauty of a Colnago, Ray, I want to see it whole at Cirque '08!!

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"I bought an on-topic bike that's located in Golden, Colorado, and the seller is

going to have the bike packed and shipped by Red Rock Cyclery.? Is anyone familiar enough with this bike shop to confirm if they do a good packing job on vintage bikes? ?? ? Is there anyone in the area that would be willing to pack the bike for me?? I'd be more comfortable with one of us generally than most bike shops.? Naturally I would cover all time and expenses, cash or trade - need anything polished? ?? ? Thanks in advance for your help. ?? ? Ray Dobbins ? Miami FL USA"

Geez, Ray, it's just a bike:


Can't they just dump it in a box with some old newspaper?

Ed Granger Lancaster, PA (Attention: this post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and is not intended to be taken literally. Please do not email me to defend Ray. Oh, and sorry if the link is broken in transit.)

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