Re: [CR]Benotto Panto'd Crankset - 122 BCD - seeking advice

Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 13:27:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Benotto Panto'd Crankset - 122 BCD - seeking advice
To: brian <>, Classic Rendezvous <>
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The only two manufacturers I know of who used 122 BCD were Stronglight, and Nervar who strangely chose to switch from their traditional 128 BCD to the Stronglight 122 BCD at about the same time that Stronglight were switching from 122 BCD to 144 BCD.

If you have photos, it should be pretty easy to determine whether the crank is Stronglight or Nervar.

If it supports only one ring, I'd guess it is either a track crank or a road crank on which someone ground off the inner support because they thought that looked cleaner for track or single-chainring road use. If it is 165mm crank length, it more likely is a track crank, if 170 mm or longer, more likely a modified road crank. Although I've never actually tried it, I assume you could mount an inner ring without the support lip on the spider. After all, several classic triple cranks, including a couple of Stronglight models, had inner rings supported only by the triple length chainring bolts. I don't see why that arrangement should not work equally well with double chainrings.


Jerry Moos

brian <> wrote: Hello list

I came across of 122 bcd Benotto Crankset in a recent clean up. The crank arms are panto'd Benotto. The thing that puzzles me is that it appears to only be designed to hold one chainring. There is almost no shoulder to support a smaller chain ring on the inside. The bolt pattern is definitely 122bcd.

Does anyone have knowledge about this type of set up and when these would have been used ? Is it for track or was it just a single chainring set up ?

I have some photos if anyone is interested.


Brian Frank Toronto, Canada

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