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They are just plain fragile. Not much material and a poor quality (por osity and grain) casting. Due to the poor casting they vary from fragi le to silly fragile. Sell em intact to the NOS enthusiasts is my opini on. The perfect part to remain NOS- too fragile to use. Do not dare to attempt to resize these.Joe Bender-ZanoniWhitneyville, CT----- Or iginal Message -----From: Michael Thompson Date: Tuesday, August 2 8, 2007 7:40 pmSubject: [CR]Huret JubileeTo: classicrendezvo> I have just found (and bought) three nos huret ju bilee front > derailers, to match the two rear changers of the same vintage I > already had. Can someone tell me why they sometimes brea k when > attached to the seat tube? Should I resize the inside of th e > clamp before an install? If so, to what size? > Thanks,
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