[CR]Weyless Pedal Bodies - Any ONE Have Need For ONE (...Or More)?

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From: "R.S. Broderick" <rsb000@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 12:14:43 -0500
Subject: [CR]Weyless Pedal Bodies - Any ONE Have Need For ONE (...Or More)?

In the course of thoroughly restoring a set of rather well used Weyless pedals in conjunction with a particular project of mine, I am in the process of negotiating final details for having brand new pedal bodies remanufactured to match my originals (...or at least to match their original state before they were used and abused as intended for thousands of miles). As anyone who has ever undertaken this type of contract custom manufacturing well knows, the vast majority of expense involved derives from initial preparatory requirements such as the actual CNC programming, testing, and machine set up for subsequent production. Of course, once this overhead has been accounted for, the per unit price to produce individual piece parts is relatively low. Inasmuch as I am already committed to funding this project to produce new Weyless pedal bodies for my own needs (...including the prudent precaution of fabricating a few spares), I thought that I may as well solicit those who monitor the CR List to see if anyone else might be interested in acquiring one or more of these for their own purposes. Please understand that I do not at this point have firm pricing for any "extra" pedal bodies that may be produced (...give me roughly one to two weeks time to determine this based upon feedback received from this solicitation), so all I am looking for is an indication of "general interest" from those who might possibly wish to participate. For CR List members who are so inclined, I ask that you contact me directly to indicate potential quantities desired by using my public email address of rsb000@hotmail.com. Thereafter, I will track how many if any additional pedal bodies might be sought in aggregate, relay this information on to the contractor so that he might determine unit pricing accordingly, and then contact all interested parties to apprise them of same so that they may make a final determination as to whether or not they would care to place an actual purchase order TO BE PAID IN ADVANCE of my submitting said order. Note well that I am only having the pedal body itself remanufactured (...these are not "handed" as one might state using the Queen's English, which is to say that the same body may be used for either the right or left side) and not the spindles, spindle bolts, interchangeable alloy cages, stainless steel cage screws, or annular sealed bearings - JUST THE PEDAL BODIES.

And finally, for those who would contemplate alternative applications, while I do believe that these vintage Weyless pedal bodies are identical to those found on the Bob Reedy Pro Pedal (...no, I am not absolutely positive to the extent of having had a pair of each in hand to compare, but I am still pretty darn sure about their compatibility) and functionally interchangeable with the Bob Reedy BMX Pedal (...which used the same "X" body configuration as the Pro minus the outboard horizontally drilled holes, so the previous caveat applies here too), these are decidedly NOT the same as those incorporated within pedals once manufactured by the likes of East Rochester Tool (ERT), or the Bob Reedy Ultimate Pedal (...which mirrored the ERT design), or the subsequent early 1980's SunTour Supurbe Pro, BMX, or XC Compe pedals (....basic design clones to be sure). Indeed, all of these other pedals may be conceptually similar, but their individual bodies are most certainly not interchangeable with the Weyless model.

Robert "Principally A Pedal Pusher" Broderick ...the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota Sioux Falls, USA