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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 20:59:23 +0000

Original spokes for a Paramount I suspect are Berg-Union. They are were often used in the zinc plated (not stainless version), and they are very good spokes indeed.

On the website you will also find Robergel spokes.

As a curious aside, Rene Herse typically did not use Robergel spokes as time went on, but made extensive use of Union. I think he know something.

Robergel 3* spokes are gorgeous but always seemed to have a "witching point" at which they would fail. But in the early 70's they were extremelly common and probably correct for many restorations.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO
Rene Herse Bicycles Inc.

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> George,


\r?\n> Clearly it is your bike, and you should be as anal as you want to be. In

\r?\n> the past year I have built two sets of wheels both with used hubs, one

\r?\n> with used rims, and NOS Robergel Trois Etoiles spokes that I got from

\r?\n> Bicycle Classics; and one set with used hubs, new rims and DT spokes. Some

\r?\n> on the list later warned me that vintage spokes were not as good as modern

\r?\n> ones, but I have had no trouble. I have heard people say that used spokes

\r?\n> can be re-used, but instinct is to go with new, even if vintage.


\r?\n> That is just my experience.



\r?\n> Best regards,

\r?\n> Marcus Helman

\r?\n> Huntington Woods, MI



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\r?\n> George Allen wrote:


\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > I'm ready to build up some wheels with NOS Campy Record

\r?\n> > hubs and an

\r?\n> > assortment of nice NOS rims. One wheelset in particular

\r?\n> > is for a nearly

\r?\n> > NOS 1973 Schwinn Paramount that's all original except, of

\r?\n> > course, for

\r?\n> > the wheels. I have procured high flange Record hubs with

\r?\n> > '73 lock nuts

\r?\n> > and the "Schwinn Approved" Super Champion rims. So do I

\r?\n> > use vintage

\r?\n> > spokes in building up the wheels? And, if so, what spokes

\r?\n> > would be

\r?\n> > appropriate for a 1973 Paramount? And exactly where does

\r?\n> > one find such

\r?\n> > spokes? If the bike were not so original I probably

\r?\n> > wouldn't care and

\r?\n> > would just use modern double butted, stainless spokes

\r?\n> > like I've used on

\r?\n> > all my other wheel builds with vintage rims and hubs.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > What are other listmember's opinions on the use of

\r?\n> > vintage spokes? How

\r?\n> > anal should we get in the period correct department?

\r?\n> > Wouldn't modern

\r?\n> > spokes make for a stronger wheel? Thus, wallhanger = old

\r?\n> > spokes, regular

\r?\n> > rider = new spokes?

\r?\n> >


\r?\n> I guess Robergel Trois Etoiles would be period correct and

\r?\n> they are very good spokes. I think Bicycle Classics has

\r?\n> 'em.


\r?\n> Emanuel Lowi

\r?\n> Montreal, Quebec



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