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Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2007 12:44:45 +0100
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It's very odd the spectrum of emotions that the mention of Lemond inspir es in people.

There can be little doubt that he was a very talented and able road raci ng cyclist as his successes testify., and his ability seemed to live up to his incredible ambitions. I first came across him in person at the World Ch ampionships, held at Goodwood UK in 1982. As the race developed it became v ery evident that Lemond could not put any form of brake on his ambition, so much so that when team-mate, Jonathan Boyer, broke away in the closing lap s, and appeared to have excellent possibilities of a place on the podium, i t was Lemond who led the chase, rather than blocking at the front of the pe loton. Not only did Lemond chase down his team mate but he went on, no t to lead Boyer out in the sprint, but to sprint for and take the seco nd place behind Saronni

Towards the end of the decade and into the 90s I was the importer into t he UK of TVT carbon frames, the brand of frames used by all the top riders including Hinault, Lemond, Roche, Delgado, Indurain, Kelly etc e tc. During that time I did not come into any real contact with Lemond himse lf, but crossed swords with his father on a couple of occasions when Lemond Snr made some unsubstantiated and defamatory claims against the TVT company and its products. it appears to me that ambition and arrogance..and a disregard for the truth, are endemic in the male side of the Lemond fami ly.

On the other hand a close friend of mine, a very able veteran racing cyc list who happened to be cycling around the lanes of Tasmania, chanced across a solo cyclist who wanted a bit of two-up company. Although Le mond had by this time, about six years ago, put on a lot of weight, it was impossible for my friend not to recognise him. He, my friend, relates the s tory of a very pleasant ride with an incredibly affable Lemond, who preferr ed not to talk about his succesful cycling career, but to discuss the finer points of fly-fishing, of which sport he is an enthusiast. Apparently his presence in Tasmania was connected with this hobby.

Norris Lockley , Settle UK...thinking that much as I sometimes despise Lemo nd...I still prefer him to this Armstrong guy..

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