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See <>And my personal favorite (not sur e about proper though)< ex.cfm>Anyone who wants to help me unpack 30 bikes plus all that jun k and get it right, please volunteer!Joe Bender-ZanoniWhitneyville, Ct.----- Original Message -----From: Guy Apple Date: Monday, Sep tember 3, 2007 8:58 pmSubject: [CR]Vintage Bicycle Garages &
   ShrinesTo: CR List Members > Hi to all,> > Many of us have mo re than one vintage bike, most of us store our > vintage bikes in a garage or other storage space. I would really > like to see how othe r CR members use their garages or shops to > properly store, enshri ne their bikes and memorabilia. Please > share. > > Thanks>
   Guy Apple> Palo Alto CA> > PS I am I did sear ch the archives and the Wool > Jersey site but didn't really get muc h out of it. > > > _______________ ________________________ ________> Classicrendezvous mailing list> Classicren> fo/classicrendezvous>