[CR]WTB: French-thread pedals or spindles

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From: "Scott L. Minneman" <minneman@onomy.com>
To: "'Classic Rendezvous'" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 19:52:33 -0700
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Subject: [CR]WTB: French-thread pedals or spindles

Ok, so I'm building up a pretty sweet Faggin frame for a friend, pretty much all period parts (Campy and other Italian makes). I got to the pedals, and got a minor shock: the Gipiemme cranks I bought for this puppy have French threads!

So, I put some Atom 700s on it for now, but would like to get something better/different...something more in keeping with the overall build. Does anybody have a set of pedals that they'd like to unload that would work well and look right? Campagnolo NR road or spindles for same would probably be my first choice. I have plenty of Campy pedals I could turn into French threaded ones if somebody had a pair of raw spindles they could spare.

I think I could also see putting Lyotard 23s on it, but she might not go for it.


Scott Minneman
Just back from the Giro in San Francisco, CA