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Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 07:00:46 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR]Correction regarding Merckx FIAT replicas
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There is a picture on go to Équipes / Maillots, 1978, BEL (Belgium) and there's a colour drawing.

And there's some colour pictures of team members at

Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

Raymond Dobbins wrote:
> While we're on the Merckx C&A subject, I'd like to share this info that I received off-list:
> In 1977 Merckx had been sponsored by the French branch of Fiat. They had been very confident of a win-a lot of people thought he had lost by a fluke in 75-and they were very peeved with Eddy's sixth place. Fiat-France slashed the budget and Eddy had to find another sponsor for 78 while Fiat-France reorganised with cheap crappy french bicycles and no-name riders.
> At first the team was going to be Wilkinson Sword and everything seemed fine,but then that suddenly fell through and another scramble resulted in C&A being the sponsor. Some bikes may have had new down tube stickers put over the old blue ones from 77, money was short. There was an interview in Cycling with Kessels in spring 78, with pictures of the team bikes being built.
> Eddy only rode a few races for C&A, in one minor race-I think it was in Belgium, he just stopped and got off, saying "That's it, I've had enough!" And that was it. I don't think he was tired of racing, it was all the other stress of the last year that caught up with him and he snapped.
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> I wonder if that was his last race as a professional?
> Ray Dobbins
> Miami FL USA
> Leonard Diamond <> wrote:
> Mr. Ernst wins the prize again for best memory. Here from the C&A
> website:
> History
> Clemens & August
> C&A is one of the leading fashion retail companies in Europe. Indeed, it
> has been for decades. You didn't know that? Then it's time for your
> first history lesson. Even in the 17th Century, members of the
> Brenninkmeyer family traded in linen and textiles. However, the actual
> success story began 200 years later, when the brothers Clemens and
> August (hence C&A) left their home town in Mettingen, Germany, and
> opened up a textile warehouse in Sneek, Netherlands in 1841.
> Does anyone have pictures of the jersey Merckx wore on that last team?
> Len Diamond
> Ridgewood, NJ USA