AW: [CR]Another Fake Eddy Merckx Molteni from Germany?

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Subject: AW: [CR]Another Fake Eddy Merckx Molteni from Germany?
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 09:08:56 +0200
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Folks, this indeed better replica is obviously offered by a listmember..... The other bike was not discussed in the german forum on classic bikes. So the seller might let us know more on his offer probably?

Nix für ungut...

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That's the title of the eBay auction! Pretty funny description too.<blah> a me=ADME:B:SS:US:1

The paint is much better than the other Molteni replica we were just discussing, but sadly this one has mis-placed decals. Also, the font on the downtube decal is not the one normally seen on Eddy's bikes. There may have been a couple of his bikes with these decals, but to me they just don't look right. Oh well, at least it's a real 70s Kessels frame.

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