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Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 11:49:42 +1200
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From: "David Benson" <David@worrall.co.nz>
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Most Conti casings are made from polyamide, which is a synthetic material, methinks an aramid. It is nothing like butyl. DB Ak NZ


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At 11:04 AM 06/09/2007 +1200, David Benson wrote:
>In my experience, Jevelot Tire Life is a poor adhesive for sticking
>base tapes to Conti polyamide casings. YMMV

That would be like butyl (synthetic) rubber? Maybe in that case regular solvent (naptha) based rubber cement would be better.

I went through the exercise of looking for base tape cement a few years ago. What I purchased was labelled "base tape cement" and appeared to be identical to the water based liquid latex. It looked and smelled the same (like ammonia). It was in a tin plated metal can with a brush and after about a year it developed black stains, which I thought was the ammonia reacting with the tinplate, but the vendor told me it was mould. The Jevelot Tire Life latex never turned black, but thickens within a year, probably because it's in a plastic container which allows moisture to escape. (That is the reason high quality brake fluid used for racing is sold in metal cans, since plastic ones let moisture in, lowering its boiling point.)

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