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I have ridden my bicycle from one end of Arizona to the other...from Lake Powell to the Grand Canyon to Mexico (seven times, different routes), along the Mexican border, and many routes in between. If you have plans to tour the state, I can help with route planning, dangerous roads and the location of every Dairy Queen in Arizona. If it works out, I might even be able to help with shuttle. If you plan to come through the central part of the state, don't come in May, June, July, August or September. You might even consider skipping late April and early October.

I finally scored a Colin Laing tour bike built in 1974. (Thank you Ken Wallace). Orange with dark blue panels and Colin's early hand lettered 'Laing' on the down tube and his early very classic looking head and seat tube decals. It's a tall bike, short in the front. Fits me like it was made for me, but it wasn't. It was built for someone named Timo, (hand lettered on the top tube). If I ever run into him, I'll recognize him. Long in the leg, short reach. Wish I would have had it when I was spending several days at a time on the bike...

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Hi listers,

In my bookcase i found this book called 'Bicycle Touring Arizona'. its written by one Dennis Coello (he even has a website:<>), published in 1988. Its yours for postage, to the US thats 10 USD.

I'll give you an idea of what the book is about: it gives many short and long routes (and maps of the routes), through the spectacular scenery of Arizona. routes can be used by thin tire bikes and mountain bikes, the writer gives advice about the stuff you should take with you, camping gear, etc. For each route he also adds some historic background and anecdote about places. Although I merely leafed through the book, it seems to be very pleasantly written. I bought this book about 10 years ago, with big plans of touring Arizona myself; it never came to that, and probably never will. So, this book should be put to good use by someone else!

First come, first served, is my motto. Speedy paypal at<> is appreciated.

Freek Faro Rotterdam Netherlands

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