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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Shimano 600 Touring Crankset (John Wilson)
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 10:18:21 -0400

I have some NOS chainrings for this Shimano 600 3-bolt crank. I have a couple of 39T rings, and half a dozen 48T rings. They're all new, and they fit standard chainring bolts. $25 each plus shipping. Contact me off-list.

Ed Braley
Falmouth, Maine.

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> Amir, I have one of these, at least the drive side in 165mm that I plan to use on a fixie. On the back of the arm is does indeed say Shimano and then Touring in cursive. Hole to hole looks to be 88mm with a bolt circle of 94mm? The large center hole is 80mm. I found a couple of 44t on ebay a year or so ago (Australia), and someone from France had a 53t? on ebay last week but didn't answer my question about bolt circle. These do not come up often.
> Regards,
> John Wilson
> Greensburg PA
> >>>Amir Avitzur <> wrote:
> At least once a year, the bike magazines in Japan publish a catalog of sorts. In the "Randner" section of the '81 Cycle Sports Special Cycle Album there were a few bikes with Shimano 600 Touring 3-pin cranksets;
> (see notably a Toei Randoneur (48,000 Yen). Cycle Sports also published an annual parts catalog. It shows that the Shimano 600 (FC6100) crankset could be purchased with 30 ~53T chainrings. I got one of these off ebay with well worn chainrings. Anyone have spares? Anyone know the BCD?
> >>Jerry Moos responded:
> I've never seen that Shimano crankset before, but it looks like a pretty close copy of the 70's/ early 80's French 3-arm cotterless cranks from TA, Nervar and Stronglight. The TA version was OE on the Raleigh Competition Mk II and on some Motobecane Grand Records. I'd bet the Shimano used a 116 BCD bolt circle, which was used on all the French 3-arm cotterless cranks, as well as the 3-arm version of the Campy Grand Sport crank. This circle was a carryover from the 3-arm cottered steel cranks of the 50's and earlier. I've been collecting these cranks and their rings recently. The rings used a 9mm bolt hole as compared to 10mm for modern 5-arm cranks, although some of the inner ring for these cranks had a 7 mm hole.
> >And Don Gillies:
> I don't think that's a 'touring' crankset, I think it's a
> 1st-generation Shimano 600 crankset, rumored to be made for only a year or so, you can look it up in Frank Berto's book, but I remember it from the late 1970's, maybe 1978.