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Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 12:54:01 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
From: "Marc St. Martin" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Pink Rene Herse

Hello All,

I was also of the opinion that only Herse randonneuse bikes with all of the RH bits were where the value was until I had the chance to examine one of the cyclo-sportif/racing frames up close. Granted, the machine in question does have some of the Herse bits, but one of the details which struck me as being extraordinary was the internal routing of the cabling. Granted, internally routed cables are not that unique; however, the true Herse touch lies wherein each of the entry and exit holes for these cables have beautifully filleted reinforcements. Also, it appears that to accomplish the internal routing of the front derailleur cable, a special bottom bracket was fabricated with an eye towards aerodynamics. Seems like every time I examine an Herse frame, I see something different and extraordinary.


Marc St. Martin Livermore, CA

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>I cannot agree with you Jerry on this one. I think it is priced at 7/8 of

>the top end of what I think it will pull. It is a nice bike for the wife or

>girl friend and the size is Japanese friendly.


>I say it sells.



>Mike Schmidt

>Stirling, NJ



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>> I'll be interested to see if anyone will pay the $2,500 opening price. I

>> don't have any reason to question this is a genuine Herse, but it is a racing

>> model apparently with no special Herse components or brazeons. Plus, 1983 was

>> about 6 years after Rene's death and very near the end of Herse production.

>> So I'm not sure what other than the Herse name makes this bike all that

>> remarkable. If you were to sell this bike with any other name on it, you'd

>> probably be lucky to get half the asking price.


>> Regards,


>> Jerry Moos

>> Big Spring, TX





>> alex m <> wrote:

>> I've seen plenty of pink Merciers before, but a PINK

>> Rene Herse is a new one to me...


>> Lovely bike : ebay item 220148452330


>> Alexander March

>> Bordeaux

>> France