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Chuck Not that I claim to be knowledgeable about Colnagos, but this is at odds with the story that Colnago adopted the club/flower after Dancelli wo n Milan-San Remo in 1970.



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Colnago Frame Dating, Version I

1969 and earlier? 196 9 -- Playing card decal graphics 1969 -- Fork crown (sand cast) with club s in top and two holes in each side 1969 -- Fork tangs wide, no cutou ts 1969 -- Club cutouts in all three lugs 1969 -- Bottom bracket shell with drilled holes in circular pattern ---- 1970 -- Club cutouts in all three lugs but club in lower head lug is now larger 1970 -- Fork cro wn (investment cast semi-sloping) with clubs in top and two holes in ea ch side 1970 -- Bottom bracket shell with club cutout ---- 1971 -- Fo rk tangs narrow, no cutouts ---- 1972 -- Club/COLNAGO decal on head tub e and seat tube with Worlds bands and COLNAGO on down tube 1972 -- Fo rk crown with clubs on top and two holes in each side 1972 -- Fork tangs with two holes ---- 1973 -- Wreath seat tube decal with two Worlds band s 1973 -- Fork crown with clubs on top and no holes in each side 1973 - - Fork tangs with club cutouts 1973 -- Club cutouts in all three lugs 1 973 -- Water bottle braze-ons on downtube ---- 1974 -- Vertical COLNAGO seat tube decal with diagonal worlds stripes 1974 -- Club cutout in lowe r head lug only 1974 -- Shifter braze-ons on down tube 1974 -- Short Ca mpagnolo dropouts (?) ---- 1976 -- Fork crown with COLNAGO added to clu bs on top ---- 1977 -- Top tube cable guide braze-ons ---- 1979 -- Fork crown for recessed brake bolt, shallow triangles cut into back 1 979 -- Brake bridge for recessed brake bolt ---- 1980 -- Short COLNAGO drop-outs 1980 -- Fluted seat stay caps engraved COLNAGO and straight sea t stays, no longer biconical 1980 -- Brake bridge with cast square bo ss for recessed brake bolt ---- 1981 -- Chain stay bridge is small spoo l shape, no longer tube ---- 1982 -- Chain stays stamped COLNAGO on sid es 1982 -- Cable routing on underside of bottom bracket ---- 1983 -- Aerodynamic fork crown

NOTE: Year dates are approximate; changes mig ht have occurred the end of one year or the beginning of the next for e xample. Paint schemes, decals, panels and chrome varied according to h ow importers spec'd their frames, so this all varied considerable. Dat es and details based on the Classic Rendezvous archives, the Wool Jerse y Gallery, and Colnago and Bikcology catalogs.


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