Re: [CR]SIMPLE GREEN WARNING!!! Was: Seatpin removal

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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 11:30:24 +0200 (CEST)
From: "nick Bordo" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]SIMPLE GREEN WARNING!!! Was: Seatpin removal

Hi Fred,

Yes that is correct, over here we call it white spirit but it is paint thinner, and I did notice the previous suggestion of it, after having posted, but what do you expect from me, I shoot from the hip and ask questions when the smoke clears.

My only issue with the paint thinner is that rubber doesn't like it, and it doesn't like rubber/plastic. About three years back I purchased a pair of very expensive tires for my everyday racing bike, and I mean expensive and after a couple of days, they were kind of cracking all over. I took "em back to the shop and raised hell to the point they gave me a even more expensive pair in another brand. Next time I went to the shop, they had these poor tires, the whole stock, on 75% discount sale. Few days later I noticed the same thing on two other bikes of mine with different tires. And guessed that maybe use of paint thinner on bike brakes and rims requires prior removal of any rubber components. Just a word of warning. Regarding washing up liquid brands, If you want to keep your hands dainty and pink, maybe the more expensive brands are better. I already have a good wife so I don't care what my hands look like, I use the cheapest. And about toothpaste, I'm not kidding, it contains mild abrasive, I'm going to try on some alloy. Let you know. No reason it shouldn't work. Last point, please don't anyone use paint thinner to clean around decals, I imagine it would dissolve the glue.

Best Nick

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> Regarding bike washing, I found out a long time > ago that about the best degreasing solutions on > the market are white spirit (you'll need to > re-oil/grease anything soaked) and... > wait for it: washing up liquid with a toothbrush, > just don't leave the toothbrush next to the > washbasin in the bathroom... Nick, I'm assuming that what you call White Spirit is what, in the U.S., is called Mineral Spirits (and sometime simply Paint Thinner.) I agree - this is the best stuff for cleaning grime off of bike parts. And I believe that it's one of the liquids tha Chuck Schmidt recommended earlier in the week. As forthe wash-up liquid, I'm guessing that for bike parts I don't need to choose the brand that it's mildest to the hands... Cheers, Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)

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