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From: <>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 09:23:10 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]TA or Viscount

Our esteemed Mr. H. Sachs asked about the following crank listed at:
> << is claimed to
> be a TA crank and 52 th ring.>>
> <<Have any of you ever seen TA rings with 6 large circular cutouts instead
> of straight arms?>>
> No, I have not, but a long time ago (1974) a friend of mine bought a Viscoun t which had those circular cutouts.
> <<Although the picture isn't perfect, the ring and crank arm look like
> Viscount to me.  I think that the attachment circle for the arms is the
> same as TA, Stronglight, Williams, etc (but not Zeus). Are the outer
> sets of holes spaced like TA Cyclotourist?>>
> Resurrected from Lambert, and yes, they do have the same bolt pattern. The

Lambert crankarms were stamped Lambert on the back side, but I don't know if

the Viscount arms had any??
> <<Even stranger question:  given the relative rareness of the Viscount
> rings, but their lower build quality, I wonder about the relative worth...
> Less than TA I would imagine :-)
> <<Anyone remember Viscount cranks with taper?  I only remember the
> parallel-sided ones.>>
> The Lambert cranks were all parallel taper, and I assume the Viscounts were as well, but I cannot say with certainty.
> <<Given the lack of labels, I'm not pointing fingers at the seller: It
> might be a TA that I've never seen, or he might have made an honest error.
> I wonder why the seller, who admits the crank came from a Viscount, assumes it is a TA???
> <<The only time I ever worked on a Viscount crank, I remember mounting a
> conventional puller that seemed to fit perfectly. I started turning the
> screw, and did a perfect job of lifting the threads out of the arm...
> :-(  A minor metallurgical error, I suspect...>>
> I remember the Lambert cranks simply fell off (after tapping with a plastic mallet) after removing the crankarm bolts.

All the best...hope it's drier for the DC ride than it is up this way!!

Chuck Brooks Malta, NY (USA)

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