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Jan is correct. The Standard was the heavier and the Weltmeister the lighter weight rim. The wood block at the nipple hole gave the rim some support at the nipple head. Care had to be taken that the tension wasn't too great otherwise the nipple would make the rim crack along the center of the rim well/contour. We always put a dab of some lube under the nipple head so it would pull smooth and not dig in. Then we would clean it off to degrease it and file the nipple heads down somewhat so they wouldn't cut into the base tape of the tire, along with filing the contour to get the aluminum dust off and rough it up for the glue adhesion. Care had to be taken so that too much wasn't filed off of the nipple head or it could split /crack and have to be replaced. Also when the rim was touched up for alignment or a spoke was replaced the overfiled nipple could have a sharp edge tht would cut base tape and possibly the stitching. That's why the shellac was put on in coats to build up a base and cover the nipples to prevent tire damage. Yes the Weinmann folks had a connection to Scheerens. The Scheeren family was getting older and were in retiring age, so Weinmann bought all their machinery and tooling. I can't remember if it was '50's or '60's. There were a few years that y made those nice rims in road and track models for the 1966 World's at Nurnberg and Cologne, Germany. That's also when Clement made the beautiful Strada '66 tire. We got our kicks in '66!!
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> Both the Weltmeister and the Standard models from Scheeren had wood
> inserts at the spoke holes to prevent crushing of the rims. Even the
> "Standard" was very light at 275 grams (36 hole version). Despite the
> light weight, they hold up very well on the road.
> I seem to recall that later Scheeren was associated with Weinmann, the
> Swiss company making brakes etc. Does anybody know more about this?
> These rims were quite popular on the West Coast (of the U.S.) in the
> 1960s, when Spence Wolf of Cupertino Bicycle Shop offered them as options
> on Cinellis and other bikes. The 1957 Cinelli Supercorsa tested in Bicycle
> Quarterly Vol. 5, No. 4 was equipped with these rims - see
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> At 7:54 AM +0200 9/16/07, Michael Schmid wrote:
>>I am not 100% sure about their exact range of models but I can confirm
>>that Scheeren was a german company from our capital Berlin. There was a
>>Weltmeister (World Champion) and a Standard version of their rims. I
>>believe the Weltmeister was the wood-filled version while the other ones
>>were not. The company does not exist anymore and they also manufactured
>>hnadlebars and stems. I am looking for a stem constantly on ebay but
>>they hardly ever pop up, even here in Germany. Older guy and former
>>track racers on this list also should have some knowledge first
>>Michael Schmid
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>>Betreff: [CR]Scheeren rim question
>>Checking the archives, I found some information about Scheeren rims, but
>>not the specific information I was after. I have couple of questions
>>about them. What was the country of manufacture? And I have a pair,
>>though I am not sure that one is the same as the other, but they sure
>>look like a match. One is labeled Scheeren around the valve hole, about
>>three spoke holes away is the remains of another decal that has only
>>"Sc" on it with the rest removed, and it has a decal reading "Standard"
>>opposite the Scheeren decal. The other rim has only Welfmeister (does
>>that make them German?) on it. My question on the rims is whether these
>>are the same: the one with only the "Weltmeister" on it missing the
>>Scheeren decal and the one labeled "Scheeren" missing the Weltmeister
>>As always, thank you.
>>Tom Hayes
>>Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA