Re: [CR]researching italian frame, not much to go on

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Subject: Re: [CR]researching italian frame, not much to go on
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 11:09:38 -0400
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Very interesting & distinctive lugs!?

You left out a pic of the other, often signature area, the seat cluster with seat stay upper treatment, but in any case I do not recognize this unusual lug pattern. My best guess is a specialty builder (not big co.) 1960s, maybe early 1970s.

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Thanks Dale

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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First off this is my first CR email, please go easy on me. I have been trying to find out what this road frame is. I've checked on bikeforums.netand on oldroads. I'll copy paste my oldroads post and would appreciate any guesses as to what the bike is

" I know very little about this frame. I got it stripped of paint and badge. I assembled it for some shake down rides before painting and here are some pictures of it as a bike and as a frame. The seat post is 26.8, its Italian threaded, the dropouts are campagnolo but I know nothing else. "

PS the serial starts 09773. Today I pick it up from paint :)

-- -=Ben Kloos=-