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Out from the left with a lurker:

If you can't see something special about (for instance) that seat lug, then your looking needs practice. Maybe "better," no need for "ultimate," but unique and artistic, and wow. To be prosaic, watch that lug's thickness taper, and its profile defy algebra. Other details look at home.

And, sure, it is always good coin to die young, but honestly, not many plan it.

That frame makes me wish I was a millionaire, and it IS my size.

Jeff Slotkin Charleston, SC On Sep 21, 2007, at 7:37 PM, Louis Schulman wrote:
> Hi all,
> OK, I have spent some time studying these photos. A couple of years
> ago, I spent a good deal of time examining the Confente at le
> Cirque du Cyclisme.
> These are certainly finely made bicycles. But I don't see that they
> are more finely made than several other bikes made at the same
> time, and maybe not as good as a few others.
> The workmanship is very high...for an Italian bicycle (or an
> Italian bike made in America). I don't think it equals some of the
> work of relatively unknown English builders.
> I think the workmanship on my '68 Holdsworth Professional, done by
> the unheralded Reg Collard, is of a higher standard. It is
> virtually flawless. And I think the stamped Prugnat long point lugs
> look better.
> I think the lugwork on my '73 Ron Cooper is better. It IS flawless.
> The seat stay treatment is truly remarkable.
> So, what is it about Confente? The bike, or really the drama of his
> story? Just a continuation of this Masi infatuation?
> Louis Schulman
> Hot Tampa Florida
> CyclArt Shop wrote:
>> After over 20 years in storage, Confente #29 has reappeared.
>> Originally
>> owned by Pete Siracusa, it is a Pro-Strada 56cm in white and
>> yellow, and
>> outfitted with Nuovo Record. It is in good original condition, so
>> it is only
>> receiving a minor cosmetic and mechanical overhaul. We will have it
>> assembled in time to show at Velo Rendezvous on Sunday.
>> Frame photos here:
>> Greg Reiche
>> CyclArt
>> Vista, CA USA
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